Brillux… more than paint

As professionals, we value high-performance products, ones that are innovative and form a part of functional systems. We’ve worked with Brillux products many times and not once have we been disappointed. Brillux offers several practical products and well-thought out solutions to meet every challenge. The colour palette is an additional advantage. More details at:

F&Home smart building

The system’s individual elements allow you to use switches on the wall, your smartphone, tablet or laptop to manage the lighting, heating, small appliances, roller blinds, windows, cameras, ventilation, sprinklers in the garden. The customer decides how to set up a system that will assure a wide range of functions. Pre-programmed scenarios trigger events, while you work or do something else. More details at:

Mobilus smart home

The Mobilus Smart Home with two-way Cosmo/2Way communication is a radio system that stands out because of how simple it is to install without interfering with the structure of the building and systems, which is ideal for retrofitting or expanding an existing home.
It’s managed using modern remote controls, as well as mobile devices with internet access, such as a phone, tablet or computer. The system offers an invaluable advantage in that the user can control managed devices (e.g. check, if the iron is off, the gate closed and the blinds lowered). In the event of a fault or incorrect operation of the equipment, you will be informed of this thanks to bi-directional communication. An additional advantage of the system is the possibility of setting a shutter or blind in an intermediate position (for example, 50% open). Diagram and information from

Doellken solid core skirting boards

Years of experience and working with various types of materials allowed us to commend the solid core skirting boards from German company Doellken — a leader in the production of such boards. They exhibit a high level of elasticity and great resistance to mechanical impacts. At the same time, they are very versatile and can be used with many types of floors. We use them often in our work and still praise them. More details at


Spray spackling

Spray spackling using hydrodynamic sprayers — we implement new technologies and use a modern hydrodynamic unit, which sprays spackle under pressure onto the target surface. The biggest benefit of this method — the considerable reduction in working time and precise application. The advantage of spray spraying is that it can be used both on reinforced concrete walls (raw) and on pre-plastered walls. The walls are also finished with a dust-free mechanical sanding machine, so that there isn’t that much dust in the renovated premises, which is characteristic for this type of work.

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