Wallpaper Design Award 2017



The best house in the world is in Poland! Robert Konieczny and his Arka triumph in the Wallpaper Design Award 2017. Having won the title of Best New Private House, he beat Sun Path House in the USA (project and picture by Studio Christian Wassmann), Michaelis House in the United Kingdom (Alex Michaelis), Gotland Underground House in Sweden (Skälsö Arkitekter) and D House in Japan (Ron Arad and Issho).
Robert Konieczny’s Ark was built in the village Brenna near Cieszyn. The house is very original — it’s almost entirely built of concrete and has two roofs. Robert Konieczny’s design for the house took two years to complete, after which, as soon as excavators entered the construction site, it changed radically in just a few days. The house stands on three legs and touches the ground with only one corner, which acts as the entrance. It was designed, so that water would flow freely down the slope and there would be no threat of an earth slide, leading to savings on foregoing construction of large retaining walls. The walls were insulated from the inside of the building to leave a concrete façade. The concrete roof is, in fact, made of wood covered with a light-grey roofing membrane.

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